Pre-register for Subscription

Pre-register for Subscription

eatmalabari launching exciting new service with a unique approach to helping people enjoy home cooked meals with their families and friends without worrying about cooking or the quality of food. The customers of eatmalabari will be able to subscribe from variety of weekly ‘meal plan’ based on their budget, recipe and occasion of meals needed. As of now, the plan is to deliver fresh cooked meals at daily basis on chosen delivery time slot.

Customers are able to define entire food they needed for the week on all occasions including breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have another option randomize their favorite dish for the week and get the confirmation call everyday from eatmalabari before delivery. Customers have also an option to not to pre define any of the food and choose what they want to eat on daily basis through our app or website.

eatmalabari will strive to achieve tasty food without using any kinds of bad food additives & preservatives.

eatmalabari offers several advantages to its target market:

  • Relatively inexpensive meal preparation
  • Ensured quality food and zero or very less food additives
  • Convenience of paying at weekend or fortnight and thus saving lot of money for professionals
  • Fun, social, party atmosphere.
  • Convenient: eat your prepared meals in your home, when you want.
  • Saves time: no shopping, no prep, no clean up.
  • For seniors, special menus and transportation assistance make meals easy.
  • And, best of all, not having to decide “What’s For Dinner?”

PS: eatmalabari is not a restaurant. eatmalabari is a meal preparation service company primarily focusing on delivering healthy food for its customers.

We’re currently in process and we’re launching this new service soon. Please give us you feedback on idea of this service and do subscribe early without paying anything. You’re subscription will be confirmed later only after calling you.

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